Anzac Heroes

Published Image Size: 600 × 600

Anzac Heroes
by Maria Gill
with illustrations by Marco Ivancic

30 ANZAC Heroes – a fascinating book on Australia and New Zealand’s most decorated soldiers, sailors, airmen, spies and medics across WWI and WWII.

The intense and hair-raising front-line experiences of 30 courageous and unforgettable ANZACs who served in World War One and Two are brought to life in dramatic detail in this action-packed book.

Impeccably researched and written with young readers in mind, Maria Gill provides a brief overview of the two world wars, and takes readers on a journey with the 30 Anzac Heroes.

Readers will discover the triumphs and tragedies of our heroic Anzac Army, Air force and Navy servicemen, medics, a spy, and a humanitarian – as each strives to survive wartime arenas across England, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

Anzac Heroes includes famous soldiers such as New Zealand’s double Victoria Cross recipient Charles Upham, and honoured Australian Hughie Edwards. It also includes indigenous soldiers, Albert Knight from Australia and Peter Buck from New Zealand, and brave servicewomen such as Joice Loch and Dr Jessie Scott.