Marsden Books Newsletter – February 2020

A New Year and a new decade and there are still so many good books being published.

How fortunate we are that there are so many dedicated authors bringing such richness into our lives via the written page. It is also rewarding for us to see children of all ages coming into the shop excited and enthusiastic about books.

At the beginning of each month, Claire runs our little bookclub at the bookshop on a Saturday afternoon from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. If you have a young family member keen to join let Claire know by email

We have been supporting the RNZ Concert on Radio NZ for quite some time so we’re very relieved that a decision has been made to save it in the meantime. This essential and wonderful service is treasured by many listeners and needs protecting in the future.

NZ Post:
For the foreseeable future, NZ Post is not sending or receiving post from Mainland China.
Express documents can still be sent to some of the main cities.

Festival of the Arts Writers:
Raj Chakraborti is talking to Lyn Freeman at the festival about his newly published novel Shakti.
We have plenty of signed copies in the shop.

We have copies of the Writers programme for the Festival available for you to peruse. There are many wonderful events to attend over the three week period, and we have books here by many of the writers involved.


Friday, 3 April, 6 pm: We are launching The Night of All Souls by Philippa Swan. We are thrilled to be hosting this special event for Philippa whose first book, Life and Death in a Small City Garden was also launched here in 2001.
Please RSVP to by 1 April.

Wednesday, 15 April, 6 pm: We are hosting an evening with  Barbara Ewing who is publishing her memoir, One Minute Crying Time. Please join us for a glass of wine and a chance to hear Barbara speak about her experiences growing up in
New Zealand in the 1950s.
Please RSVP to by 14 April.

Closed:  Good Friday
Open:     Easter Saturday
Closed:  Sunday, Monday

Happy reading from the team at Marsden Books.

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