Bicycling to the Moon

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Bicycling to the Moon

Bicycling to the Moon
by Timo Parvela
Illustrated by Virpi Talvitie

A warmhearted and funny chapter book from Finland’s top children’s writer.
Purdy the cat and Barker the dog live together in a sky-blue house on top of a hill.

Barker likes the garden. He wants only to dig, to scratch up the earth and turn it over. But Purdy has big dreams: he wants to fly south with the birds, win the singing competition, be a Supercat.

One day Purdy decides that if he could just get a bicycle and ride it to the moon, he would be the happiest cat in the world, and never want anything else again. Ever.

Purdy the cat’s antics, dreams, and sly manipulation of his friend are laugh-out-loud funny, while the very warm heart to these stories will have every reader wishing they had a good friend like Barker the dog.