Review: Skye Melki-Wegner’s Chasing the Valley — by Kassidy Callaghan

Chasing the valleyTitle: Chasing the Valley
Author: Skye Melki-Wegner
Illustrator: none
Reviewed by: Kassidy Callaghan
Date: April 2014

Five escape and are on the run. One a prince, two street orphans and rich twins. Who from though? From the Prince’s father King Morrigan who deals in magic and drop alchemy bombs on everyone. The children are running away to a mythical place called the Magnetic valley on their way to the safe haven on the other side where no magic or evil fathers can reach them.

Main Characters
The baddie in the store is Sharr Morrigan, who is Lukas, the Princes, cousin. She wants to get the Prince and his buddies as they destroyed the Kings airbase which consequently ruined her reputation.
My favourite character though is Danika, one of the five and apparently the most adventurous of all. She has one of the most proclivities of all. She can create illusions as well melt in to the night as if she is made of nothing at all, but she cannot control herself all the time!

I liked the whole story as it had twists and turns and loads of surprises.

There is one dislike in this one though. It is when their old leader that they had thought was killed, swept over a waterfall, comes back. He has come back a changed man, no longer the character I liked in the first place.

Probably better for slightly older audience, from 10-14 perhaps.