Review: Stuart Hill’s The Cry of the Ice Mark — Kassidy Callaghan

Title: The Cry of the Ice MarkCry of the Ice Mark
Author: Stuart Hill
Illustrator: none
Reviewed by: Kassidy Callaghan
Date: June 2014

Young Queen Thirrin, 14, takes over her ice-bound country as it experiences the greatest imperial invasion ever known.

Main Characters
Queen Thirrin is ‘strong in the arm’ from the House of Linshield, a fierce and temperamental young girl with the fate of her land on her shoulders.
Oskan is a young warlock who has inherited powers from his mother forms an alliance with the young Queen against the evil empire.

An amazing journey to a foreign, frozen land that you won’t want to come back from.

None. I love all the books I take out to read!

10-15 years