Review: Philip Reeve’s Fever Crumb — Kassidy Callaghan

Title: Fever CrumbFeverCrumb
Author: Philip Reeve
Reviewed by: Kassidy Callaghan
Date: June 2014

By the same author as The World of Mortal Engines.

It seems that London is a very dangerous place a thousand years from now.  Well, for Fever Crumb it is, as she holds a dark secret and a strange power that could set the entire world on the path to hunt her down.

Main Characters
Fever Crumb is obviously one of the main characters.  She was abandoned as a baby and therefore her secret stays hidden for many years.  The other characters include her foster father, Dr Gideon Crumb and Kit Solent, who is an archaeologist who wonders about her past and her ‘secret’.

A complicated story which will absorb all your powers of concentration for the whole read, from first page to last.

None.  I love all the books I take out to read!

10-14 years