Review: Lian Tanner’s Ice Breaker — by Kassidy Callaghan

icebreakerTitle: Ice Breaker
Author: Lian Tanner
Illustrator: none
Reviewed by: Kassidy Callaghan
Date: April 2014

A 300-year old ship, a mysterious sleeping captain and three warring tribes. Petrel is a girl, surviving on the edge of all of this. One day when out on the top deck she spots an iceberg looming closer to the ship. Peering over the edge of the rail she sees a boy frozen on the ice. So begins an adventure and a reluctant bond that lasts a lifetime, changing both of their lives forever.

Main Characters
Petrel is a fast and silent like a stealthy cat. She has to be! To survive she has to snatch food from right under the noses of the tribe.
Finn on the other hand is one of the anti-mechanist and has been sent to destroy a secret that the ship has guarded for many years.

This was an amazing story. I couldn’t put it down for one second and even Dad told me off three times for reading well past when my light should have been turned off.

Lian Tanner also wrote the series called The Keepers. Lian is an Australian author who lives in Tasmania. This book, Ice Breaker, is part of another series called The Secrets, of which Ice Breaker is the first book with one more to follow this year.

Ages 9-13 would probably like this best.