Review: Kirsty Murray’s The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie — by Kassidy Callaghan

Four-Seasons-of-Lucy-McKenzieTitle: The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie
Author: Kirsty Murray
Illustrator: none
Reviewed by: Kassidy Callaghan
Date: April 2014

Walking through walls! This is what Lucy McKenzie discovers she can after she visits her Aunt Big’s house. And that’s not all. The children on the paintings on the wall seem to call to her. As she steps in to the magical painting world she realises this world is an old version of Aunt Big’s house ‘Avendale’. There she makes friends with three children, April, Tom and Jimmy-Tiger who help her learn about the past which gives her the strength to change the future!

Main Characters
Lucy is small and quiet; A thoughtful child, like me. In her head she says everything.
April is a wild whip of a girl. The complete opposite to Lucy, and yet they become best friends.
Aunt Big is a lover of art and is good at it too, painting scenes of the river with blossoms hanging low over it.

There are nothing not to love in this rip-roaring adventure of love, friendship and self-confidence.

Kirsty Murray has written at least a dozen award winning children’s books. She is an Australian who lives in Melbourne with husband and a “drifting tribe of children”.

For 8-12 year olds, but most age groups will enjoy this adventure story.