Review: John Marsden’s The Year My Life Broke

Title: The Year My Life Brokeyearmylifebroke
Author: John Marsden

This book is a very entertaining book about a kid called Matt whose parents lose most of their money and have to move into one of the most boring (little) towns in Australia. Matt of course has to go to a new school. Matt was in grade six and one of his greatest hobbies was cricket. Even though he was good at most sports, he particularly liked cricket. But one day he wants to join in a game of cricket and was distracted by something, and of course, the ball got hit straight towards him. He was too busy focusing on that something that was distracting him, and the ball came rushing past him, and went for four runs. The schools P.E. teacher saw Matt’s mistake, and from that point on he kept giving Matt a hard time when it came to sports. The P.E. teacher never really gave Matt a chance to show what he was actually like at sports, but little do they know that Matt is a supreme sportsmen.

The only thing that I could relate to my personal experiences was probably moving to a different place, but that was like only from Karori to Kelburn, plus I was only like one and a bit.

My favourite character was Red. He was really good at sports. He was the one who gave a great speech about how bad the school was at sports. This encouraged the school to actually practice at sports like cricket and netball. He also did something very nice to Matt.

l really, really enjoyed this book, and it was probably the best book I’ve ever read. My favorite part was when two people came and started shooting and trying to break into the house next door to Matt’s. I think that I hadn’t read much action lately and this in particular kept [me] reading for a long time. I don’t really have a least favourite part, it was that good. I would change the amount of swearing that was in the book, because there was a fair bit.

l would recommend this book [for someone] who is in to sport e.g. cricket or someone who wants a relatively easy to read kind of book.

Finally the ratings. I rate this book about a nine point five out of ten because of the swearing. But as I said it was a really good book and that was my review of The Year My Life