Review: Denis Martin’s Marked — Taylor Bryers

Title: Markedmarked
Author: Denis Martin

Marked is an OK book with a dangerous and evil plot that happens at Cooksville. Cully a curious boy meets a strange girl near the jetty called Kat. The main plot of the book is about Cully realising that Kat has a big problem in her life. When he finds out he wasn’t prepared for the biggest moment of his life!

Meanwhile Kat is an admired character who is sporty, fit, always prepared for everything and has pretty features. The story was a bit boring and I think the only exciting part of the book (apart from the end) was the boxing match that Cully did. I hated all the swearing in the book and there was quite a lot of blood at the end too 🙁 !

I would change the ending to make it happier and take all the swearing out and add more exciting events throughout the story. I rate this book 5/10. I don’t know who I would recommend this book to, but I think I might recommend this book to people who are big fans of Denis Martin’s books and 11+ year olds.

By Taylor Bryers 1“ May 2014


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