Review: David Baldacci’s The Finisher — Kassidy Callaghan

Title: The FinisherTheFinisher
Author: David Baldacci
Illustrator: none
Reviewed by: Kassidy Callaghan
Date: June 2014


The Finisher is a quest for freedom. Set in Wormwood with its strange traditions and population who are scared to leave. An electrifying story. One of those ‘hard-to-put-down’ books with adventure right up to the last page!

Main Characters

Vega Jane is a girl who has lost her mother and father. A talented worker at the ‘stacks’ she finishes delicate carvings and statues with gold leaf and fine art.
Delph Dephine is trapped in his mind after a terrible event occurred. He and Vega set off on a brave quest to escape of the horrible confines of wormwood to search for freedom and a new way.

Elaborate and complicated storyline which takes you, the reader, on a story you won’t forget.

Pretty scary.

Probably better for slightly older audience, from 12-15 perhaps.