Marsden Books Newsletter February 2019

School is back and Summer is on the wane as we look forward to another year of bookselling.

Over the summer we have noticed a lot of interest in books on anxiety, especially for children facing various challenges in their lives. We have gathered a collection of books to help for most ages. It seems it is pretty tough for young people out in the big wide world at the moment.

We get a tremendous amount of pleasure from helping all our customers to find the right book, especially children starting the journey to becoming avid readers. It is rewarding for us to hear back that books chosen here have been successful. There are so many wonderful authors writing books that can make a huge difference to lives young and old.

Gecko Promotion
We have a Gecko promotion until the end of February. If you buy a Gecko book you can enter the draw to win 2 gorgeous collections of Gecko books, one of which we would ask you to donate to your local school or preschool.

Library Event
On February 28ththere is an evening event at our local library with a panel of local authors; Sarah Laing, Raj Chakraborti and Leah Mc Fall. Marsden Books will be in attendance selling their books. The event is free and all are welcome. Karori Library 6–7.30 pm.

NZ Post
Our postie now collects mail once a day at approx. 3:45 pm. Therefore post needs to be with us by 3:30 pm to get the mail for that day.
Passports/ Legal Documents to the UK: These now need to be sent by Express Courier.

On Saturday, March 30th we will close early at 12:30 pm so that we can stocktake in the afternoon.

Mother’s Day in the UK is March 31st
We have cards for this on display now.

Easter Hours
We shall be CLOSED Easter Monday
OPEN Saturday, April 20th
CLOSED Easter Sunday and Monday
OPEN Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th
CLOSED Anzac Day 25th
OPEN on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April

Our favourite recently published books are:

  • The Wall by John Lanchester
  • Middle England by Jonathan Coe
  • The Book of Knowing by Gwendoline Smith.

Happy Reading from the team at Marsden Books.