Review: Jonathan Stroud’s Lockwood and Co — Izzi, 7

This is a story about a group of teenagers who fight and get rid of ghosts. Then they have a robber in their house, and the next day Mr Fairfax comes. They think it is Mr Fairfax who tried to rob them, but they accept Mr Fairfax’s offer and go to his house to find out why all the other ghost hunting agencies who have been at the Red Room have been found dead.

On the way they encounter the screaming staircase, the dead boy whose body couldn’t be found and the truth about Mr Fairfax.

The main characters are George Cubbins. Anthony Lockwood and Lucy Carlyle. They are a ghost agency who work together together to get rid of ghosts. In the book, they call ghosts “visitors”. My favourite character was Lucy because she is a girl like me and she is curious and brave and able to fight “visitors” by getting out of the ghost lock and making a pattern in the air with her rapier, which is a type of sword.

My opinion is that the book is very very good because it is so suspenseful. In one part the well had exploded and Lucy and George couldn’t find Lockwood. I liked the part where the Red Room starts doing the blood thing, and Lockwood and George have to make patterns so that Lucy can open the rusty window into the secret passage out of the Red Room.

I love the book. I recommend it to able 7 year olds and over I think people who like suspense, adventure and violence would like this book.


Lockwood and Co series

Author:Jonathan Stroud
Publisher: Random House